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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Stay Productive

There is a great relation between the world of work and the word "productivity". Organisations direct their interests toward what we call the 3Ps: Productivity, Performance and Profitability. Big amounts of money are spent on giving employees all what they are in need to make a progress in their productiveness. For example: the speed of computers increses every year, and it is important to profit from this progress to be more productive.

Being productive is the will of everybody who usually forgets his past. In fact, staying productive is something that brings happiness in you because you won't be useless after retirement. Being not productive kills you in the inside and makes you start dying gradually.

These are some tips to be more productive for a long time in your life:

Be a user of technologies: The increase of social media has made the world too small and then gives people the chance to have a chat with others. Also, it gives you the opportunity to share what you have invented lately.

Just start: Lao Tzu have said once, " The journey of a thousand miles begines with a single step". This wisdom is highly presented in our life today as it was 500 BCE. All what is needed is to get started and the gradually you will see results. People give up early and never continue what they are doing because they don't see fast results. So, people waste their time and did not achieve what they are looking for.

Follow a fitness program: There are four kinds of fitness available for you: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Make sure you do all this kinds continously and regularly. Therefore, you will stay healthy in all your body's situations.

Take a rest: Many studies have shown that having sleep between 6 and 8 hours each night is the proper sleep. This will result in having your hips stronger, so you may decide doing some activities like weeding the garden, catching the tide, hugging grandkids...etc

Be helpful: Volunteering is highly demanded to do. This will make you feel that you are so important for people as you give help to them and also create an amazing world. Thus, volunteering is one thing to do if you want to stay productive.

Be involved: Meeting and being with other people is also demanded, because you will stay involved and attached to the world. Also it will result in making more optimist than pessimist. So, it is recomended that you go and meet others and have fun and discuss with them so you won't be bored.